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Billy Reid Website

2 September 2009 - 9:00

The new and improved Billy Reid website has been launched! Preview Billy’s fall fashions and our photography at


Love Bottles

20 July 2009 - 6:32

We love glass bottles- hence the warm glass creations and bottle trees we make here at the studio. Love Bottles are customized glass drinking vessels that make staying hydrated healthful and helpful to the environment.


Southern Foodways Alliance

14 July 2009 - 6:24

Our friend, Angie Mosier is president of the Southern Foodways Alliance. We love the idea of an organization devoted to documenting and keeping Southern food traditions alive. It makes us proud to support such a cause. The SFA holds events all over the nation and touches on much more than the South- but it’s roots are here.


The Barefoot Farmer

9 July 2009 - 8:55

In Red Boiling Springs, Tennessee is Long Hungry Creek Farm, home of the Barefoot Farmer. Using only biodynamic and organic practices, the farm produces high quality food using natural methods. The farm offers a CSA (community supported agriculture), Biodynamic conferences, internships and events devoted to learning and practicing these farming techniques.


Artist a Day

8 July 2009 - 6:59

If you’re seeking inspiration, visit this website- Artist a Day posts a different artist’s work each day. Two images of the artist’s work are posted with a link to their website. Artist a Day takes submissions in painting, photography, sculpture etc. This work is by Philadelphia painter Alex Kanevsky.


Picture Licensing Universal System PLUS

8 September 2008 - 6:10

PLUS is an international non-profit initiative on a mission to simplify and facilitate the communication and management of image rights. PLUS is on the quest to create a machine readable world wide standard for communicating an image license.

You can create  license reference codes that can be embedded in image headers and invisible watermarks on printed images, to allow for better monitoring and policing of image distribution and use. It will allow the user to easily track image licenses and avoid unintentional infringement.

Photosynth by Microsoft live labs

27 August 2008 - 14:27

The web has changed so many things that I can have in my life with just a click of a button from things to eat and wear to materals to design with. Photosynth, a program developed by Microsoft’s Live Lab, opened my mind to what is capable with all the combined, collective information and how it is perceived and stored. Although it can’t run on Mac now, they tell me it will soon.