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Farm 255

29 August 2008 - 14:44

We took a trip to Farm 255 in Athens, GA to photograph for Travel + Leisure magazine. It is a local farm supported resturant. When the farm is in peak production 85% of the food they serve comes from the Farm. It made me  want to try their free range chicken ( I am a vegetarian). Eggplants and okra where coming in. It was a feast for the eyes and my stomach.


Alabama Chanin 2008 catalog

28 August 2008 - 7:49

Getting to work with a client who cares about what they do is rare. That sounds kind of crazy but a lot of clients don’t understand design, so to get to work with someone who appreciates the time and effort it takes to work out the smallest design details is a treat. I feel blessed to have designed Alabama Chanins Revolution catalog. It combines Charles Moores voter registration work, with designer Natalie Chanin’s clothing designs.

Photosynth by Microsoft live labs

27 August 2008 - 14:27

The web has changed so many things that I can have in my life with just a click of a button from things to eat and wear to materals to design with. Photosynth, a program developed by Microsoft’s Live Lab, opened my mind to what is capable with all the combined, collective information and how it is perceived and stored. Although it can’t run on Mac now, they tell me it will soon.