The main 5,000 square foot studio features 26-foot ceilings, a 30 X 30 foot cyc wall, grid and crow’s nest, cargo door for automobile access, roof top access, an outdoor courtyard, two bathrooms, a separate dressing/makeup room, a full loft-style kitchen, a gal- lery/mezzanine that overlooks the main studio, a private/gated and brick paved alleyway/entrance. The studio is a private and self- contained facility.

Rental of lighting and camera equipment and expendables are available.

For life celebrations the studio is available for evening and weekend event rentals.

Tuscumbia’s blue skies and lush foliage are abundant throughout both its urban and rural areas. These attributes, in addition to the city’s beautiful Southern architecture, various landscapes, and low cost of living make Tuscumbia ideal for most types of photography and filming.

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